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N Hampshire Tribes in the Cannabis Industry

Medical Cannabis is Legal in New Hampshiree

Medical use of marijuana in New Hampshire is legal but strictly regulated. Recreational use is illegal. Possission up to 3/4 ounce was decriminalized in July 2017. First and second time offenders pay a $100 fine. Third time offenders pay $300. Four offenses in three years is a misdemeanor.

News Updates

News Congress May Block DOJ Prosecution of Medical Marijuana in 2-Year Budget
2018.02.10 - A budget deal may block the DOJ from money needed to enforce anti-cannabis laws in states that has voter approval for medical marijuana ... Read more
News U.S. Justice Dept Rescinds All Obama Marijuana Policies 01.04.2018 - The DOJ today rescinded all cannabis policies of the Obama Administration that allowed states to decide their own laws on recreational and medical cannabis. ... Read more

New Hampshire's Federally-Recognized Tribes

There are no federally recognized tribes in New Hampshire.

For a complete list of New Hampshire tribes and their locations, see our page about New Hampshire Tribes.

Cannabis Opportunities for New Hampshire Tribes

With no federally-recognized tribes, there are no cannabis opportunities for American Indian tribes in New Hampshire.