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South Carolina Tribes

South Carolina tribes include one federally-recognized tribe, nine state-recognized tribes and six state recognized groups and special interest organizations.

Federally Recognized Tribes

Federal recognition of a Native American Indian tribe acknowledges the tribe's sovereignty and its right to self govern at the same level as a state government.

The Catawba Indian Nation is the only federally recognized tribe residing in South Carolina.

Catawba Indian Nation
996 Avenue of the Nations
Rock Hill, SC 29730
803 366-4792

Catawba Tribal Historic Preservation Office
1536 Tom Steven Road
Rock Hill, SC 29730

State Recognized Tribes

The following tribes have been reconized by the State of South Carolina. State recognition equates the tribal governments to county governments.

Beaver Creek Indians
125 May Morning Dr.
Lexington, SC 29073-9443
(803) 356-4807

Edisto Natchez Kusso Tribe of South Carolina
1125 Ridge Road
Ridgeville, SC 29472
(843) 871-2126 or (843) 817-7380

Pee Dee Indian Nation of Upper South Carolina
3814 Highway 57 North
Little Rock, SC 29567
(843) 586-9675

Pee Dee Indian Tribe
PO Box 568
Latta, SC 29565
(843) 319-4435

Piedmont American Indian Association
Lower Eastern Cherokee Nation of South Carolina
3688 Warrior Creek
Church Road
Gray Court, SC 29465
(843) 683-1421 | (864) 906-5111

The Santee Indian Organization
432 Bayview Street
Holly Hill, SC 29059
(803) 308-7991 or (803) 496-2570

Sumter Tribe of Cheraw Indians
5700 Oak Hill Road
Sumter, SC 29154
(803) 494-5442

The Waccamaw Indian People
PO Box 628
Conway, SC 29528
(843) 358-6877

The Wassamasaw Tribe of Varnertown Indians
PO Box 428
Summerville, SC 29484
(843) 900-1789

Source: South Carolina Commision for Minority Affairs

State Recognized Groups and Special Interest Organizations

American Indian Chamber of Commerce South Carolina
(843) 224-4000

Chaloklowa Chickasaw Indian People
501 Tanner Lane
Hemingway, SC 29554
(843) 380-1481

Eastern Cherokee, Southern Iroquois and United Tribes of South Carolina
PO Box 7062
Columbia, SC 29202
(803) 699-0446

Little Horse Creek American Indian Cultural Center
Clearwater, SC

Natchez Tribe of South Carolina
79 Bluff Road
Columbia, SC 29201
(803) 988-1074

Pee Dee Indian Nation of Beaver Creek
PO Box 396
Neeses, SC 29107
(803) 446-1400

Source: South Carolina Commision for Minority Affairs

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