Tennessee Tribes

American Indian Association of Millington TN
P.O. Box 775
Millington TN 38083
(901) 876-3900

Elk Valley Band / Council of Chickamauga Cherokee
27 Honey Lane
Estill Springs
TN 37330-3529
(931) 962-6499
FAX: 967-2355

Chickamauga Circle Free Cherokee
Marty Lanis
POB 8113
TN 37414-0113

PO Box 998
Tracy City, TN 37387

Free Cherokee Tennessee River Band Chickamauga
Chief "Standing Bear" Lehr
158 Pleasant View Rd
TN 37347
(615) 942-5406

Kwatani Mission of Chickamuga Cherokee
Mark Norman Ugaku Gigege
2624 Forest Road
TN 37406
(615) 842-2823

Tennessee River Band of Chickamuga Cherokee
Chief Colanv Ahwl Brown
9001 Bill Reed Road #6
TN 37363
(615) 855-2909

Tennessee River Band of Chickamuga
Chief David Brown
POB 21610
Chickamuga Station
TN 37424-0610
(615) 855-8501

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