Maryland Tribes and Marijuana

Attorney General Jeff Sessions rescinded all Justice Department marijuana policies from the Obama-era on Jan 4, 2018. Change is coming and the following information will be updated as it happens.

The U.S. Justice Department issued a policy in 2014 regarding marijuana on tribal lands. It allows federally-recognized tribes in states with legalized marijuana to decide their own policies and self-regulate the growing and sales of marijuana on their reservations.

Medical Cannabis is Legal in Maryland

The medical cannabis program in Maryland began operating in December 1, 2017. Recreational use of marijuana is illegal in the state. A state law in 2014 decriminalized possession of less than 10 grams. Offenders must pay a fine and attend a drug education program.

Maryland's Federally-Recognized Tribes

There are no federally recognized tribes in Maryland.

For a complete list of Maryland tribes and their locations, see our page about Maryland Tribes.

Cannabis Opportunities for Maryland Tribes

With no federally-recognized tribes, there are no cannabis opportunities for American Indian tribes in Maryland.