Pennsylvania Powwows

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November 8-9, 2014
15 Annual Clearfield Veterans Pow-wow

Clearfield County Fairgrounds:
Expo II Building.
5615 Park Street, Clearfield, PA
Northern Traditions
Saturday Grand entry @ 1p.m. & 6p.m.
Sunday Grand Entry @ 12:30
Host Drum: Morning Star Singers
Invited Drums:
MacKenzie River Singers,
Redbird Singers,
Yaugh-ta-nund Singers:
all other drums welcome (call first)
Giant Craft Contest: Sunday @ 10:00a.m.
Special dance contest: Saturday evening:
Ladies Iroquois Smoke Dance
Free admission: open to the public
Traders row: all spaces are indoor !
Paul Snyder: 814-594-2647

November 15th 2014
1st Annual Lancaster County Winter Benefit Powwow

Central Pennsylvania Food Bank Benefit Powwow.
Saturday November 15th 2014
Event starts at: 11am till 6pm
Location: San Juan Bautista Youth & Cultural center.
441 South Lime St.
Lancaster, PA 17602
Admission: Food donations to help the
central Pennsylvania Food Banks
(Every little bit helps & counts)
Doors open at 11am,
Grand entry at 12 noon,
Closing ceremonies at 6pm
MC: Gene Thunderwolf Whisler (Cree/Cherokee)
Opening ceremony: Behike Miguel Sague (Taino)
Guest Speakers: Chief David Hughes (Cherokee)
Maryann Robbins (Onondaga)
& Victoria Valentine (Circle Legacy Center)
Head female Dancer: Maureen Zieber (Oneida/Nanticoke)
Head Male Dancer: Terry Strongheart (Cherokee)
Host Drum: Medicine Horse
Guest Drum: Wolf Circle Singers
Special Guess Performers:
Mexica Aztec Nation "Cenzontle Cuieati" (Aztec)
Flute Performance by: Chris Windeagle Thompson (Lenape)
Hosted by Ma'Oconuco Taino Indian Nation of Lancaster, PA
In partnership with:
Circle Legacy Center
Eagle Medicine Band of Cherokee Indians
Mexica Aztec Nation
(AIM) American Indian Movement of Lancaster, PA
& The Central Pennsylvania Food Banks
Help the Native American Communities of Pennsylvania,
feed the people of our great state.
Native American vendors & food will be available.
Please support our vendors
Contact: Chief Carlos Whitewolf
Ma'Oconuco Taino Indian Nation
(717) 538-1423

November 7-8, 2015
16th Annual Clearfield Veterans Pow-wow
Clearfield County Fair Grounds: Expo 2 Building, Clearfield, PA 16830.
Northern Traditions
MacKenzie River Singers: Host Drum
Morning Star Singers & Red Bird Singers Invited Drums.
All other drums welcome, please call first.
Men & Women's Boot & Hat Special Contest on Sat. evening.
Giant Craft Contest on Sunday morning